Tuesday, April 11, 2017


by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

last night i had the strangest dream

i was back in golden gate park

gypsy dave and sunshine were exchanging auras

and i remembered i had to do my algebra homework

archie and jughead and jfk were ragging on abraham lincoln and his big black top hat

in that way they had

allen ginsberg and chairman mao were playing chess on a beach blanket

annette funicello took chairman mao’s little blue cap and put it on ginsberg’s head and took ginsberg’s uncle sam hat and put it on mao’s head and ran off laughing

because it was the funniest thing anybody had ever seen

and i still had not opened my trigonometry book at all

sunshine and gypsy dave stopped swapping my grandfather’s rolls royce

and started arguing

the sky above turned dark

herb caen and jack ruby rode by on polo ponies wearing top hats

herb caen knocked jack ruby’s top hat off with his riding crop

and that was even funnier than what annette funicello had done to ginsberg and chairman mao

tinker belle told me not to worry about it

because, after all, there could never be transmutation without adumbration