Saturday, December 21, 2013

from Oceanic - Lewis Gesner

was a case of mistaken identity a third appeared, and stated to the second, who had by then glued the lenses, that he was needed for a job, and that he would accept work of any kind

in scattered rain, clumping, wind comes blocks of cold sweating in between can read history from the textures of objects

waking in pulsations, carving into fluctuations often the possession of stolen paper and the anxiety of wearing

heaves with a sense conglomerate inspires an inverted rage continues with trope and shivering

the very dirt has seasoned the wood, and ground fine lines appear the map in one direction some can only see a filthy grain

mere cost of removal sticky seats in the city when the ink became a gel nudged the edges but couldn’t make than farther wrinkles form securely around knuckles, upper build, fixed skin relation to interfaced splintering, forms a unit mentally that joins vibration and sentiment

lost within the caldrons of heavy blue clay

more removals, take out the spacers and let them run together

the base is piled on and piled on accidentally struck the language center vein in the newest layer

portions made express difference after the eating away at the sun

chewing on weeds and a stall in the fray as they recalled the strange orphan girl who used to play with toys she made herself, and when she slept, wake up nightly to gnaw the bedpost with her eyes closed

spoken with lisping or stutters

invents the different ways for tearing has strong persuasion to self-discipline and even distribution a kind of physical gesture lesson and sorting leaning on dance interpretations in response to limitations and excusing odd numbers separated to house the formula results is a court report, a muscle spasm giving an urgent sense and making one seek to observe the time

molting of petals abrupt stun effects produce replacement parts with rabid abandon proceeds and how the flesh become stone how to use leverage and catapults cut from precious crystal used for launching balloons and bladders filled with a liquefied insight

what’s dissolution in fading color protest coming into glass and instrument lessons pocks intervals associated text sound, a scream connect pillars associated, sale of replicas

a wall a fixture an infinity the uniform cabinets now proposed to fill, a catalog of cement

feels safe abusing cone shapes cubes are ridden with a saddle, triangles work the environment, pulling up and moving loads

lives on the many tokens some preservation, oily retreats while each requires their own monument

notification, slanted ceiling and walls, and twice your presence spanned vanity operations exercises merge with setting and application in a single form

from the misty part became a member of the acid cloud face the slabs drilled together in their corners the solidly composed deprived of moving parts yet seem imbued with something like a ghost repeat signs has selected feeling in response to available tool expressed as prompts high flutter, voice refined insulations caressed the resonator pots many a dull mat reserved the high end then from falling and depressing, impacts, dimples, corrupted

icy second stages fabrications on the dream scale, water freezes at one item

mostly walks across the peninsula and teeth marks

make secure with patches of razor grass

funnels contours contrived being and shared space

chatty edition of morning hour, stimulant, hot serial attentions until it reaches afternoon and separations into veils

wry in ornamental pause

saddled by survey redemption through the mast-hole key

anticipate the reel before the fall

counterweight toward the edge

finds three sacks filled with lumps sewn to each end post

filched the golden sparrow and cauterized its cage of ribs

a surgical ellipsis  

a parody of containers ends the night

rewards withholds arbiter of the fine examination of elemental probabilities to sound and role conversion as boarded an organelle one sip is enough to drive the nanos primed the surface with oratory typical historic thrust imagined emphasis in blocks and reels of the lazy parts skipped over convenience implacable labor choose the lie and stick with it elastic line more prone is cutting

not liking the appearance of the nostril chose to hold more tightly to the figurine representing the four moon genders hooked secured beneath the pad which is in an array but one location thus to swallow up in sequence or in error

slows stones keep head parts revolving as you sense the follow of the eye or trail wanting less defined of need

complete with practice charts associated schedules lay planned table mat represents tribunal coping you saw the door installed in the spatial replica

the pebbles are moistened but what keeps them in place

prediction three recompense report alludes to sharpened wares am of sorry based limestone modeling in the faculty dust panned whose hydro-glyphic story crawl space of those hardwood attic structures

winding tighter finding gravity collapse
established who and what position one and two

glass doors and glass treetops

emphasize the caliber of the root

can’t repair all of the familiar slots so choosing the least of these

filters conception

transformationally produced something from what had been cornered, and which would not give itself up directly which was subject to ossification, then lapse then approachability with a psychic invasive force

 a remembrance of places conducted by knotty fingers once before, reborn, inverted and fractured in another dimension of realization is also like the habitat along a plane but

principled concerns for racket and not repeating




how not

calimony with imagined prescription